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This blog is about the renunciation of Dr H.C. Dhariwal of Chennai, India. The diksha ceremony which will herald his life as a Jain monk is on November 6, 2009.

Dr. Dhariwal was born on February 2, 1951 and spent his childhood and youth in Raipur, Chattisgarh. He passed his MBBS from Raipur. In 1974, he came to Chennai and established a clinic known as Sampat Nursing Home in Mylapore. Today it is a well established hospital, efficiently managed by his son, daughter-in-law and his wife.

His religious upbringing can be seen from the fact that both his parents renounced to join the Jaina faith. He was just 15 years old when his father embraced monkhood. His mother was also keen to renounce, but waited until her children had settled down. In 1975, HCD married Chandralekha, the lovely daughter of J.D. Pannalal Chordia and Kiran bai of Chennai. Within a year, his mother followed her husband’s footsteps and became a Jain nun. His great aunt as well as niece have also embraced nunhood.

At the young age of three, HCD had memorized the entire Bhaktamar Sutra. He spends a lot of time listening to the discourses of monks and nuns. He also attends to their health and takes special care of them in his own hospital. He is diligent in his religious activities and is an inspiration to others. He encourages children and youngsters to inculcate religious values in their life and has begun prayer meetings on Sundays at the Mylapore Sthanak.

He is kind and benevolent by nature and has conducted many free health camps in many parts of India. He has given free medical treatment to the poor and needy in his hospital. He donated his own kidney to his elder brother.


Father: LateShri Sampat Muniji

Mother: Late Sadhvi Nirupamaji

Wife: Chandralekha Dhariwal

Son: Dr. Varrdhaman Dhariwal

Daughter-in-law: Dr. Shweta Dhariwal

Grandson: Lakshya Dhariwal



1. Shanti Chordia - August 30, 2009

wow, very nicely written. He is, i would say a crusader! very focussed.

2. ashok chordia - September 14, 2009

Please also mention the sansarik names of Dr’s parents in brackets.

3. Shanti Chordia - September 18, 2009

Actually, it is interesting, I did check with Rajesh Dhariwal (grandson of H.H. Sampath Muni Maharajsaheb and NIrupama Shree ji Sadhvi and son of Shri Amritlal ji Dhariwal – Dr. Saab’s elder brother living in Saidapet Chennai ) only Sampath Muni’s name is different from his birth / Sansarik name – guess he told me it was Sri Sampathraj Dhariwal

coming to think of this, why would Muni’s / Sadhvi’s change course to a different name – is it like Diksha – renounce from their original name – what do you think Ashok Bhaiya ?

4. Naman - February 26, 2010

An inspiring story of a great person …
pranams to Him.
And thanks for doing such a good work.. keep it going..

cheers .

5. Shanti Chordia - July 17, 2011

Jain Muni H.H. Shri Himanshu MaSa is back in Chennai for chaturmas with the most revered Acharya H.H. Shri Ramlal ji MaSa – daily Prayer at 615 AM at Marble House Ritherdon Rd / corner Valliammal Rd, all welcome caste no bar… for darshan and blessing, will be over by 645 AM and daily Pravachan (religious discourse) by Acharya at 830 to 1030 at Prince Galada Gardens, EVK Sampath Rd, and Bhojanam – Breakfast and Lunch nearby, Please do come and encourage these religious saints in their Tapasya… and take your blessings, all prayers and discourses in Hindi.

Daily Afternoon 230-330 private one to one religious discussions at Marble House !!

After 400 No Ladies are allowed at Marble House, as per the Guru Sampraday (customs)

This will be the program for the entire period of Chaturmas – 4 months…. !!

jaindiksha - July 17, 2011

and yes, more important, Car parking at Valliammal Road, (side road) and at Brethapet Rd, as well as secured parking OPP. Veterniary college (arranged by the Sangh – local body)

Regards, Shanti Chordia, jaindiksha.wordpress.com

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