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Acharya Bhagwan Shri Ramlal Ji Ma.Sa Pravachan – some insights !! August 5, 2011

Posted by jaindiksha in Pravachan insights - a discussion.

I thought that attending the pravachan and getting valuable insights could be enlarged to address to lots of people who could also join in online discussions and feedback. I could address this to the religious saints during my daily samvar and get clarifications !! Let us try this !!



1. jaindiksha - August 5, 2011

1. Example of a person driving a car, who is full of tension in his initial days, but because of practice (Abhyas) he is able to become a master at this task. Hence it is only by Practice that we can achieve much.

2. ” Muni ney kaha, ki aap neend may bhi Himsa nahi karna ” According to Muni’s – even in sleep we should not do acts of violence – Himsa. It is akin to sleeping by being awake ! how is this possible !

3. Suppose somebody becomes Rich, do they do daily a mala (garland of beads used in Pooja) that Yes I have become rich, I have become rich etc ? meaning to say that we should go to the Ghahrahi – bottom of any thing and then inscribe it into our heart. Then it should get translated into our Bhav. … means ?? actions !

4. Similarity and dissimilarity between our Sharir (Body) and our Atma (soul) – like the threads of a cloth – how integral they are and if you remove all the thread, will the cloth remain ?

5. Even a huge tree is made from a small seed !

6. The concept of Dharm Jineshwar – I am not very clear on this and request you to post your views on this.

7. Will any parents want their child to be filled with anger ? This is all the result of our Punarjanm and our Purvajanm – past life and future life – unless we believe in the cycle of rebirth we cannot understand this concept. It is because of the sanskar and aadath that we give to our Atma. – what are the virtues and habits that we tune our soul into ? – very abstract !

8. why do we give lot of importance to keep our body in a spic and span shape ?

9. A drunkard, who is habituated, even though when he comes out of his drunken stupor, always says that he will kick the habit, but because of his habits, he will always turn towards the source. This is because of the weakness Lachaar.

10. ON a humourous note, What is the urgency to go to Moksha ? I love to roam around. So better that I get rebirth again as a human being, several times. …… this is not the correct attitude. We should harness and focus on the strengths inside us (beethar ki shakthi ko Jagrit karo)

11. On a humourous note, a child was asked – why do you do Upvaas (fasting for a single day). The child replied – because the next day, my mother will make Halwa (sweet dish) when I break the fast.

12. If you watch a India Pak. One day match, you forget all hunger and other work, for several hours at a stretch. On the other hand, when you do Tapasya, your mind is very fragile. Hence it follows that Tapasya say Gyan ka kendra Jagrut ho jata hai. By doing religious fasting, we will be open to up new centres of knowledge inside us !


I have done my best with my limited knowledge, to post some views of what i have perceived to be the religious sermon. I might be wrong, and invite your views on these points mentioned above. Thanks for your time !!

2. jaindiksha - August 5, 2011

This is an interactive group learning exercise ! Please do join !

3. jaindiksha - August 5, 2011

Q1. Atma ka Dharm kya hai – Shama
Q2. bhojan kab karna hai – Mithi Bhook lagne par
Q3. Pravachan ki katha – Jambu kumar, S/o/ Rishab datta
Q4. What should be our Purusharth ? Swayam to jagney ka Purusharth.

4. Jain Diksha – an incredible experiance – Dr. Shanta Bantia and Dr. Vimalchand « The Jaina Diksha - August 6, 2011
5. chesta jain - November 22, 2011

gald to see such gr8 work f urs, em als a true disciple n follower r ACHARYA SHI RAMLAL JI MA.SA. gurudev ki shiksha aise bhi mil sakthi hai pata nahi tha! aapka bahut dhanyavaad..keep posting n updating us 🙂

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