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The Diksha Event ! November 11, 2009

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Happy to inform you all that the Diksha function went on well at Raipur Chattisgarh on Nov. 6th as planned. It was well organised by the Raipur Sangh. Estimates of the crowd range from 8000 to 14000 persons. This was preceded by a Varghoda function in which lot of persons took part in the entire 1.5 km route with active participation of all different sections of the Society – Brahman, Vaishnavite, Krishi etc. Sweets, ice cream – Kulfi, Fruits, Juice, Chocolates and biscuits were served on the route by the general public – this was attended by over 2000 persons.

After a Press conference with the Diksharthi Bhai Dr. Harakchand ji Dhadiwal in the morning, the  Varghoda fn.was followed by the Abhinandan function which was attended by His Excellency Mr. Narasimhan, the Governor of Chattisgarh. The Governor was very happy to be a part of the Diksha celebrations and sought the blessings of the Diksharthi Bhai. His message was well researched and touched the hearts of the entire audience.

The Raipur Sangh bestowed ” Amar Chundari” on Mrs. Chandralekha the Dharma Sahayika for her great gesture of giving permission to Dr. HCD to follow the religious path. There were tears on many of the people present there at this moment and all were proud of Ms. Chandra ji for her noble actions.

On the Diksha day (Nov. 6th) Mumukshu Dr.saab was carried (literally and physically) by his friends and well wishers on their Kandas (shoulders) throughout the 1 km route till the Diksha stadium. Then after taking Guru Manglik, he changed his attire to Sadhu robes and undertook Loch – means physical removal of the hair ! Then in full public view, under their witness, he was administered the sacred vows of becoming a Jain Muni after taking the acceptance of his entire family

Some of us are now proceeding to attend the Badi Diksha of His Holiness Himanshu Muni ji Ma. Sa. scheduled at Raipur on Nov. 13th. The photographs of the entire event (in Chennai) will be uploaded shortly and informed to all.

The SNH Dhadiwal family have committed a substantial sum to the Diksha Scholarship Fund to commemorate the Diksha Event. Lots of people have contributed who had attended the Sangh Yatra and you are welcome to contribute your mite for this good cause.

As and when in Life ‘s journey when time permits please Do take the blessings of His Holiness Shree Ramlal ji Maharaj Saheb and the erstwhile Diksharthi bhai Dr.HCD Dhariwal SNH now renamed and transformed as well as reborn as His Holiness Himanshu Muni Ji Maharaj Saheb



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