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Need Ur help & time & encouragement ! ? Come seek Ur Diksha !! September 27, 2009

Posted by jaindiksha in Copy of emails / correspondence.


Dear Friend Jai Jinendra !

Let me introduce myself. I am Shanti Chordia, I am happy to inform you about the Diksha function of my jijaji and Husband of Chandra didi – Dr. Harakchandji Dhariwal of Sampat Nursing Home at Raipur Chhatisgarh, on Nov. 6th 2009. The copy of the invitation is attached herewith ! My sister, Chandra didi, Sampat Nursing home has planned to take a sangh for this Diksha Mahotsav with about 600 to 650 guests from Chennai departing Nov. 2nd by train and returning Nov 9th 2009. This is a big job and I request your help, to guide us in this endeavour. I am sure to count on your help with the planning and execution.

Diksha Aamantran - means Invite from Dr. Varrdhaman Dhadiwal and Master Lakshay - for the

Diksha Aamantran - means Invite from Dr. Varrdhaman Dhadiwal and Master Lakshay - for the Diksha fn. of their father / grandfather Dr. Harackchandji Dhadiwal

If any of you have gmail accounts or can create one and tell me it will be great since most of the world wide online planning is on the google spreadsheets. I will be sending you emails from time to time, with lot of updates of the Diksha planning and i would seek your assistance and guidance and support – even though you might be in NY – USA or Jaipur or UK or Hyderabad or Mumbai or Pune. It is the heart that matters. You can help even if you are not able to come to Raipur to attend the function, like so many others. You might be of a different religion – it does not matter, the task is so noble and I seek your indulgence.

This email / post  is not to solicit money or for a commercial venture, but to request your guidance, support and encouragement. I beg your forgiveness, for having sent this email, without seeking your concurrence in person.

Some of you I do not know, but I do know for sure, that most of you are known to my friends. So I have taken this liberty of sending this mail to you.

In case you want to give me an alternate email ID or want your email to be deleted from this mailing list pl. do email me.

with best regards

Renu and Shanti Chordia



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