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Diksha sangh preparations September 25, 2009

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Hi All,

Due to paucity of time, all updates hereafterwards will be posted on this blog. So let me update you on the recent happenings in the Diksha Sangh:

1)   With your good wishes, the Diksha preparations are in full swing, right now, ticketing checking is going on. The response to collect the original ID cards for the train journey has been successful by and large. We are indebted to all for the confidence reposed. This has embolden us to put in more efforts and ensure that this Diksha Yatra remains memorable!

2)   Now the verification process is almost over to weed out the double bookings etc. In case anyone wants to bring their friends / relatives to be a part of this Diksha Sangh – please do register with your photo, original ID – do come in person or send a messenger. You will be waitlisted and informed your seat availability 10 days in advance.

3)   Please see the latest photographs of the Diksharti bhai at http://www.sampatzone.com and post your comments / feedback / interaction on this blog.You could also add your personal interaction with the Dhariwal family.

4)   Chandra didi is leaving for Chattisgarh to accompany Dr. Saab and the other members of the Raipur Sangh for a fast track tour to take the blessings of all the Munis and Sadhvis. She will be back by Oct. 5th and is accompanied by Lakshay (their grandson).

5)  One note : All the IRCTC ids pwords have been changed as well as email ids in the profile. If any of the booking agents (in US, UK, elsewhere) are unable to log in pl. give me a call, and do not, repeat go into the lost password link. This has been done to avoid cancellation of the e-ticket by mistake.

6)  Reg. Ticketing / Allotment: We are getting help from lot of quarters, especially Chandraprakash Chordia (working day and night) Suryakala Ranka (full day!) Mahesh Chordia, Ramesh Chordia Mahaveer  Chordia, Lalit Lunkad, Pinky Surana, Ashok Bhandari, Samtha Chordia besides so many others, silent and unassuming, with a low profile.

7)  Reg. Food Arrangements: Narpat Choudhary – Rajinder Baid – Pratapchand Baid – Suresh Kochar – Shantilalji Taleda have been extremely proactive and full of encouragement to show us the right path ! their experience is amazing, with so much of humility, they keep saying ‘apna hi kaam hai’! I salute them with all respect for their dedication!

8) The team with Ashok Chordia has started its work in right earnest. Sanjay Surana is a great asset. The kickoff lunch at Ashoka Hotel was in the right direction, now to be followed up with a bfast meet on the coming Sunday – after all they are the food prepn. committee – so need to be strong!!

9) Vikas and Saurabh Ranka : unbelievable composure and very practical folks – have started applying their minds as to the coordination at Chennai Central.

The excitement and enthusiasm is tangible.

A big thanks to Dr. Pratibha Jain, who has been the inspiration behind the blog, especially the layout, colour scheme, text etc. She is a very committed scholar, writer, translation specialist. You can view her work at http://www.pritya.com.

God Bless!

Shanthi Chordia



1. Chandra Prakash Chordia, President, SS Jain Yuvak Sangh, Mylapore - September 25, 2009

I must really congratulate the entire team for their enthusiasm and dedication. It makes working together a pleasure.

2. shanti Chordia - September 25, 2009

On a lighter vein, Sam (Samtha Chordia) and Varsha Baid, were feeling so hungry, when doing the feeding of the entire Guests names, abridged Sadhana Chordia (wife of our Charismatic President Chandra Prakash Chordia) to Sada Chordia… incidentally, Sadhana Bhabhi is a very soft spoken person, with a penchant for singing Dharmic songs in an excellent manner.

We discovered that Sam and Varsha go for a walk every evening, and the best way of extracting good work from them is to call them prior to the Walk, so that the work is done fast and in a neat correct manner. Working techniques, management skills ….

3. shanti Chordia - September 25, 2009

Reg. Para 5 above, my sincere apoligies to Girdhar Jhaver Bhaiya and Vinay Sethia for the inconvenience caused due to the change in the irctc IDs..

4. Shanti Chordia - September 27, 2009

Thanks Tammu ! Could you check on the
1) costing of the namkeen and
2) cost of transportation to chennai ?
3) what kind of packing ? – weight wise
4) what type of packing ?
5) how long will it be fresh ?
6) how to send to chennai – mode of transport ?
7) for 500 persons – how much quantity reqd ?

pl. reply point wise for followup !

can you suggest some good games for the train ?

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Purvi Bafna wrote:
Hi uncle
Sorry for the late reply.Thanks a lot uncle it would be a pleasure to dance in such an auspicious function but i might have my exams that time.Actually teachers are on a strike right now and this is expected to go till 28th of this month so only then i would get to know the clear picture.I will inform you after that.

Indore is famous for namkeen especially Khata-Meetha and Ratlami Sev. If you want we arrange to send it there.It would be my pleasure to help in this function.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Shanti Chordia wrote:
Hey Purvi ji Tammu

Hello ! We want a nice performance from you on Nov. 2nd on a Diksha based religious song ! The music should be on a CD since we dont have a budget for live musicians. Can you come here (Chennai ) for that – everyone knows that you are a great talented dancer. I still can visualise your excellent stage work at Vishal’s program. You could also choreograph the entire Sanskriti show ? Do come da if possible !

otherwise could you tape it on a CD ?

Besides what is Indore famous for ? How is your mom / dad and brother.. wish you all the best and my regards to them. Pl. request your dad and mom to join for the Diksha .. we will be real happy if they can come along.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Purvi Bafna wrote:
hi uncle
How are you?You must be really busy with this diksha na.
Uncle do you need anything from indore or any help then please tell me.


5. Shanti Chordia - September 27, 2009

Dilip Mahapatra to me

Dear Shri Shanti-bhai,
I bow down in gratitude for your appreciation of our hand-crafted products. My craftsmen would be really happy to hear such compliments. I conceptualise and develop the new product and they take up the production. I move on to new dreams and try out new possibilities. While i have been doing visual design works in a modest way for more than 20 years papercraft is an activity I have embraced 5 years ago.
The mission is to create the very best of innovative products at pocket-friendly prices and create a sense of joy amongst our customers. Perhaps it is this sense of joy that drove you to mail me a few words. May be one day I will have the opportunity to serve you with some special requirement!
Thank you very much once again,

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 11:27 PM, Shanti Chordia wrote:

Dear Mr. Dilip
We were really amazed by the quality and finishing of your gifts. You are truly gifted and i guess these are works of an expert craftsman. I thought that I should complement you on this art. Did you start this work from childhood or just of late ?

6. Shanti Chordia - September 27, 2009


From Chirag Chordia to me

i am fine playing regularly breathing is right everything goin good rv
cup(football) is gonna start on tuesday.. first match is on wednesday i am goal keeper.. its house wise.. today is cross country run was supposed to be yesterday but because of some good rain it got postponed its been raining here pretty good… yesterday i played in the rain with a few of my class mates and my seniors it was awesome fun.. we went for a walk to the percolation tanks went along the drainage (rainwater) which leads to the percolation tank.. after that while comin back we felt hungry so we decided to play a prank i front of taxila house(house parent is preeti akka my english teacher..) she’s pretty nice so we thot we might be able to get some chocolates so we planned an act in which i am runnin with the others and i slip and fall down and somehow we try to get choclates with me screaming a lot.. our plan backfired coz our husband came outside but we played along for a while and it was good fun although we didn’t get chocolates in the end since we were bored we did it in front of our principal’s house since he takes these things lightly but he didn’t even seem to hear us because he didn’t step out of the house! we did it a few other times but the best part about it was that a parent saw us doing it in front of the principal’s house and they were comin towards us so we quickly got up and acted as though nothin had happened they were shocked they were totally puzzled! then they were goin for a walk and saw us do it again! then they realized what we were upto.. in the end they were going for junior dinner and we thot we’ll try one last person who happens to live near the DH but when we started runnin and reached the place we saw them and we thought never mind.. once we got a first aid box which simply added to our frustration and fun… so yeah babloo bhaiya did mail me..
have fun in sri lanka.. so how’s everythin else? How’s the Diksha sangh preparations going on ? guess u must be extremely busy !

> Hi Cc
> sorry da .. just caught up in the Diksha work otherwise all are ok..long nights lack of sleep did u get some of my forwards emails for information purpose..
> No plans to visit RVS at the moment .. hope you dont mind,, since we are taking four days off to go to Sri Lanka .. and want to wind up all Diksha work before Dr. Saab comes Oct 16th .. so that we can fun
> and bhakthi … espec. since u r here Oct 13 / 14
> how is your studies coming up ? today one set of Brilliant books coming up along with the Math Pys Chem monthly journals..
> i am playing tennis and fit .. what abt u and your exercise / breathing / is all OK since u were told not to exert too much ?
> Did babloo bhaiya write finally. He is busy with his work ! his ticket fare has gone up. His last mail to me showed that he was very tired
> It is pretty hot very hot here. We had just came back from Dr.
> Goverdhanlal Camp at RyA Metro – remember I had shown him at Jodhpur ? so take care darling.. lots of love
> On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 9:18 PM, chiragc wrote:
>> long time no email no letter what happened?

7. Manasvi - September 27, 2009

wow! I know now why my mom has been too busy even to talk to me! she sounds so hyper whenever I call! This blog explains her excitement. Shanti Uncle, I read some of your comments and writings on this blog – congrats and cheers for all the good work. Sorry I havent been around, but I am still finding my way out here in London.

8. jaindiksha - September 27, 2009


the best news I heard yesterday, was abt the Sivagami pedatchi stuff and that some VIP is visiting Chennai, to see us poor souls.

Suggested your mom, to have the sagai dastur function on the same day. She was just zapped for a moment.

take care, and yes your mama is real real busy orchestraing (sp ?) the bunch of geeks to bring them together – now that they are all charged up is another matter altogether ! to put up a real great Sanskriti Diksha show.

When we are all working with the tickets and other stuff, the chorus singing inspires us, Chandu chacha and all start singing from our office in the outer hall. This is so nice, and that feeling has to be experianced to be believed.

love !

9. jaindiksha - October 10, 2009

Attn : Shri B H Bhattad ji

Respected Shri Bhattad ji

Thank you for your constant follow up and encouraging response for organising this big work. I have some thoughts to share and seek your advice and response to guide us.

Packing Mode separate for each compartment

1) Mode of packing of Sabji / Roti / Rice / Dhal or pulav / other items (have I covered everything) at Balarshah for all the S1 to S8 and three AC coaches (S2 is currently vacant fully, but we would know only before departure) – and what are the vessels (dhama – basin – Laddles – chamach – plastic buckets – thermocol boxes) we would need to have to serve the above items ? Disposables – corrugated boxes / Tokris – Kudas ?

Raipur Stay

2) Any contact in Raipur / Dharmashala or big mandapams – if so Which floor ? Any lift provision ? cost details – contact address / telephone number / email ID / Web site ? Other amenities – like hot water in the rooms / distance from the Stadium in Buddhapura where the Diksha would take place ?


3) We have got quote for water (delivered in parking at Chennai Central station) by Sh. Vijayraj Surana of Villupuram and Pondicherry (Chennai) who have their own Shripet manufacturing factory in Chennai for the plastic bottles. What would you suggest the quantity we carry and take from Warangal and Balarshah ? What would be the costing ? Could you check with your contacts and let me know ? or in the alternative do we carry the water from Chennai ?

Cooking contractor

4) I am sure that you will follow up with the Cooking Maharaj and give me a feedback as regards the Menu and costing / packing. Sudhir Bhaiya also informed me that all the work would be done without any difficulty, since you have got rich experience and committed people at Hinghanghat and Ballarsha and the goodwill of your company would be a big asset to organise such work.

We would also like to invite your family members and yourself for the Diksha function and would be most happy if you could join us for the function on Nov. 6th.

with kind regards
Shanti Chordia

10. rishabh - December 27, 2010

can i get information on diksharti speeches

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