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The cultural event September 24, 2009

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Hello friends,

The preparations for the SANSKRITI program has started on a high note. Key contributions from the Chordias: Gulab (Mahaveer) – Sreebala (Uttam) – Dr. Pratibha (Mahendar) – Sadhana (Chandraprakash) – Kusum (Dharamchand) & myself, Renu (Shanti); also Ratan(Sumermal) Baid and Varsha Baid. The list for the cultural event is increasing every day :).

Now we also have the charming Sandhya Jain (w/o Pranav Jain & daughter-in-law of Sri Dulichand Jain) – Nirmala (Padam Baid) – Nidhi (Rajesh) Dhariwal & Master Lakshay (s/o Drs. Shweta & Varrdhaman) Dhadiwal.

Today the Jain bhangra song (wow, yeh mera India) is going to be created and composed. Gulab bhabhi, all of us are simply stunned by your linguistic potential. How come you have kept it hidden from us all these years?

I am sure we are going to have many more creative people joining in soon. For those of you reading this and feeling tempted, come and join us :).

Yours ardently,

Renu Chordia



1. Chandra Prakash Chordia, President, SS Jain Yuvak Sangh, Mylapore - September 25, 2009

The Sanskriti program is growing and the participation and energy levels are to be seen to be believed. The practice sessions are in the inner room of Dr Saab’s house; their singing gives a sense of rhythm and joy to those of us in charge of other administrative tasks in the outer hall.

2. Manasvi - September 27, 2009

Renu aunty, this sounds wow! Congrats!

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