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Dr Dhariwal – an inspiring speaker September 23, 2009

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Copy of DSC02165[The Diksharthi Dr. Dhariwal at Gauhati Assam during his recent Yatra]

Dr Dhariwal is a spontaneous speaker & a born teacher. He has no inhibitions in expressing what he thinks, and being blessed with a good vocabulary and discursive thinking, he speaks easily and effectively.

He is well versed in many fields – social, political, medical, spiritual, to name a few. In a conversation with his his daughter-in-law, Dr Shweta, we came to understand that he is a true gyaani in the medical world, so vast is his knowledge.

DSC02117[Dr. Saab at the Raigang Abhinandan function held recently]

He speaks ardently at many religious forums and his voice has clarity and depth, which makes it a sheer pleasure to listen to him.



1. Shanta Bantia - September 24, 2009

Dear All,
It is pure pleasure to watch the process of planning this Diksha. Not being close to where the action is, we are missing the excitement, the joy, the pleasure of being with all of you at this time and share these beautiful and once in multiple life time moments. Our thoughts are with you’ll and I know this journey will bring our community together. More importantly, participation and being associated in any form with Diksha sangh work as well as learning more about Dr. Saab as a person and his religious thoughts and feelings highly enriches our lives.

2. Anuradha - September 25, 2009

Dear Mr. Shanti and Renu,
The blog is great. I have met Dr. Dhariwal once earlier in the hospital when your sister had called. But I wanted to see his picture. For a person like me, the blog helps me learn about jainism. May be a little bit. Is it possible to post his talks about jainism in this blog?


3. shanti Chordia - September 25, 2009

We do have some messages from him, one of late which he posted during his recent Calcutta trip with Acharya Ram Muni ji .. but this is in Hindi.. wonder if anyone can volunteer with transliteration !!

4. shanti Chordia - September 25, 2009

oops in message 3 should read as Translation and not transliteration

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