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Dr Dhariwal’s ongoing pilgrimage September 15, 2009

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For eighteen days ever since he set on this pilgrimage, Dr Dhariwal has been accompanied by his wife, the charming Chandralekhaji, their 80-year-old aunt Maggi Bai Bothra, Sangeetaji Bothra and Nirmala Dhariwal.


[All of them at the Calcutta station]

Two posts ago, we spoke about Dr Dhariwal’s final pilgrimage in his worldly life, since he is using this opportunity to visit many Jain ascetics whom he may not be able to meet once he renouunces the world (on Nov 6th).  Jain ascetics always travel by foot, and with a group. The Guru generally allots the number of ascetics who will travel together within a specified region. Therefore, once a person embraces monkhood, his travel automatically gets restricted.


[Dr Dhariwal being honoured by various sanghs]

DSC02203[Dr Dhariwal at Jaipur, giving his blessing to those prostrating at his feet]



1. Shanti Chordia - September 23, 2009

excellent photographs, so full of emotion.. great work Munna / Pratibha .. blessed are those who do such selfless work !

2. Shanti Chordia - September 23, 2009

In the second snap can see Ashokji Mehta in the foreground (Jaipur Saree Kendra !) – sure he has got of loads of old memories – having spent so much time at Chennai !

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