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From Tanmai Chordia September 7, 2009

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Hi Shanti Uncle,

I must say that I have really been enjoying pitching in with all of you every evening…I havent come for the past few days since I have been busy, but I will come soon. Mom and others came to the meeting yesterday and said the work was progressing at great speed. Glad to hear that. Just came to Pratibha chachi’s place and she said I could write here!

I havent yet finished the contact list…its quite endlesssss…I will do it soon :).

Let me know if there is anything I can do online!





1. Pratibha - September 7, 2009

I posted this on Tanmai’s wall on Facebook: Wow Tanmai, You seem to be really pitching in with the Diksha sangh work. Keep it up. Cheers! Meeting your mom for lunch today 🙂 .

2. Pratibha - September 7, 2009

Hi Shanti, Taking the liberty to add this comment of yours from Tanmai’s wall on facebook: “Tango is a silent worker, intelligent, reliable, thinks and responds in a very mature way. He is definitely a great asset. a RESPONSIBLE chordia youth in the making ! Did u see his flashy bike, me envious!”

3. Shanti Chordia - September 7, 2009

Tango : I appreciate your efforts, but am sure that once you succeed in your professional aspirations, you can deliver a lot more to the community, given your sense of commitment and values. Hence it is imperative that you balance your sense of time, as well as prioritise, what you feel is important !

In fact, I would suggest that Tanmai, you spend more time, talking to others and motivate them to come to the Sangh work, which will definitely pick up momentum once Chandra didi is back from her holy pilgrimage and more so once Dr. saab comes back from Raipur, to take us all with him for the Diksha ceremony – Oct. 15 ./ 16th

Let me at the outset wish you all the best in your educational pursuits. ! You have the capacity to achieve, and you must believe in yourself, to do this.

Cheers !!

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