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Need Ur help & time & encouragement ! ? Come seek Ur Diksha !! September 27, 2009

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Dear Friend Jai Jinendra !

Let me introduce myself. I am Shanti Chordia, I am happy to inform you about the Diksha function of my jijaji and Husband of Chandra didi – Dr. Harakchandji Dhariwal of Sampat Nursing Home at Raipur Chhatisgarh, on Nov. 6th 2009. The copy of the invitation is attached herewith ! My sister, Chandra didi, Sampat Nursing home has planned to take a sangh for this Diksha Mahotsav with about 600 to 650 guests from Chennai departing Nov. 2nd by train and returning Nov 9th 2009. This is a big job and I request your help, to guide us in this endeavour. I am sure to count on your help with the planning and execution.

Diksha Aamantran - means Invite from Dr. Varrdhaman Dhadiwal and Master Lakshay - for the

Diksha Aamantran - means Invite from Dr. Varrdhaman Dhadiwal and Master Lakshay - for the Diksha fn. of their father / grandfather Dr. Harackchandji Dhadiwal

If any of you have gmail accounts or can create one and tell me it will be great since most of the world wide online planning is on the google spreadsheets. I will be sending you emails from time to time, with lot of updates of the Diksha planning and i would seek your assistance and guidance and support – even though you might be in NY – USA or Jaipur or UK or Hyderabad or Mumbai or Pune. It is the heart that matters. You can help even if you are not able to come to Raipur to attend the function, like so many others. You might be of a different religion – it does not matter, the task is so noble and I seek your indulgence.

This email / post  is not to solicit money or for a commercial venture, but to request your guidance, support and encouragement. I beg your forgiveness, for having sent this email, without seeking your concurrence in person.

Some of you I do not know, but I do know for sure, that most of you are known to my friends. So I have taken this liberty of sending this mail to you.

In case you want to give me an alternate email ID or want your email to be deleted from this mailing list pl. do email me.

with best regards

Renu and Shanti Chordia


SmS !! September 25, 2009

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We found to our surprise that SmS is a vital tool for communication – since almost all age of people have cell access and have become SmS savvy.

Our Very many thanks to Kishan Jain (Past President RYA Metro) and his son Gaurav Jain of M/s. Special Editions who have been very kind to help us organise this activity free of cost for the Diksha cause – and spiritedly sending sms after sms to different sets of guests and volunteers almost on a daily basis, without any demur and at late hours too ! Thank you Kishan sa & the ever smiling soft spoken Gaurav. God bless ! (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=137879859189&ref=nf)

Here is a sample of some of the SmS that we have posted !

”  Preparatory work (daily @ 8 pm) full Swing. Do participate in Sanskritik program & seek ur Diksha ! Shanti 9380414056 DrHCDDSangh….”

“For Diksha Travel / Volunteer / Activity query pl. do sMs Shanti 9380414056 DrHcDdSangh (DON’t use reply option)……….”

“Latest Yatra photos-Raiganj, Jpr & Gauhati www.sampatzone.com post ur views / sms Shanti 9380414056 DrHcDdSangh…………..”

“If U ve NOT yet given ur ORGNL D/L – PAN-VOTER photo ID pl. RUSH. Last dt Sept 24th  Dr.HCD Diksha Sangh 93804 14056…………..”

“Hi Jai Jinendra! Pl. send ur ORGNL D/L – PAN-VOTER photo id if given Ignore this Dr.HCD Diksha Sangh 9381041500……………”

“Pl. Submit ur ORGNL D/L – PAN-VOTER photo ID RUSH. Last dt Sept 30 ticket allotment Dr.HCD Diksha Sangh 93810 41500 / 93804 14056……….”

RTI – Senior Citizen ID age difference September 25, 2009

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The Central Public Information Officer / Southern Railway / Park Town Chennai 600 003

 Dear Sir / Madam

 I require the following information under the provisions of the RTI Act, for which I am enclosing a Postal Order for Rs. 10/- bearing No. …………………………….

 The details of the information received are :


 Extract : Important – for Senior Citizens :-  From 1st September 2001 onwards, concession to senior citizens through PRS (Passenger Reservation System) shall be granted only on demand and not by default as at present. The demand for concession shall be made on Reservation Requisition form in the case of reserved tickets. In the case of tickets issued to senior citizens on concession, during journey the concerned passengers are instructed to carry some documentary proof showing their age or date of birth, issued by any Government  Institution/Agency/Local Body. like Identity card, Driving License, Passport, Educational certificate, certificate from Local Bodies like Panchayat/Corporation/Municipality, or any other authentic and recognised document. This documentary proof of age should be produced if demanded by some Railway official during the journey.

 In the case of my mother her actual age is 69. She possesses an Voter Identity card issued by the State Govt. in which the age is mentioned as 65 by mistake. She has booked her ticket as age 69 (actual) instead of the age 65 (as entered in the ID card by the State govt) Would she be eligible to travel in this ticket ?

 Would the Voter Card ID issued by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu be considered acceptable and valid by the checking TTE / Railway Squad for proof of identity ?


RTI POST – Ticket rules & Automatic upgradation scheme ! September 25, 2009

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The Central Public Information Officer

Deputy General Manager (G)

Southern Railway Headquarters

Park Town Chennai 600 003


Dear Sir / Madam


I require the following information under the provisions of the RTI Act. I am paying the relevant fees of Rs. 10/- by means of a postal order as enclosed herewith  bearing No. …………………………….


The details of the information required are :


Query No. 1 :


What are the penalties leviable by the Railway ticket checking squad and under what circumstances – quantum of levy – method of calculation by the Department ?

Query No. 2  :

http://www. indianrail. gov.in / upgraded_ passengers list. html

Which are the trains under the Automatic upgradation scheme  ? The upgradation from Sleeper class to the AC 3 Tier will be done from the Waitlisted Sleeper passenger list or from the RAC Sleeper list ?





RTI – information on travel – sought for !! September 25, 2009

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I thought that this blog would also show the efforts to adhere to the Rules (Railways for instance) during the Sangh Yatra. I do invite your views to help me and guide me as to how to interpret these rules, so that the Yatra Journey is comfortable !!



The Central Public Information Officer

Deputy General Manager (G)

Southern Railway, Park Town Chennai 600 003


Dear Sir / Madam


I require the following information under the provisions of the RTI Act, for which I am enclosing a Postal Order for Rs. 10/- bearing No. ………………………………………………… in favour of the FA&CAO Southern Railway The information required is :


Query No. 1 : The rules for travel using an e-ticket are as follows : (as extracted) as per this link            http://irctc.co.in/newfaqs.html#

A. The user is not required to give any input of the photo identity card details of any of the passengers while booking the ticket. However he shall have to carry and show one of following identity card of any of the passengers in original while travelling. The following photo identity cards are considered valid. (a) Voter Identity Card (b) Passport (c) PAN card (d) Driving License (d) Photo identity cards issued by Central/State Government for their employees

My child is a minor is travelling alone by using a valid e-ticket and is not entitled to have a PAN card / Voter Card / Driving Licence. She does not possess a Passport and does not work for the Central / State Govt. In that case what would be the Photo Identity card to be furnished by her ?

Information sought under the Act : Would the birth certificate and any school ID be considered acceptable and valid by the checking TTE / Railway Squad for proof of identity ?

Query No. 2 :  I have booked my name as per the Voter Identity card mentioned in Tamil. (Shanti Chordia) But the English name is wrongly spelt in the Voter card as Chandi Kordia by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. I have purchased the e-ticket in my correctly spelt name as Shanti Chordia as per the Voter Identity Card mentioned in Tamil by the Govt. Dept.

Would the Voter Card ID issued by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu be considered acceptable and valid by the checking TTE / Railway Squad for proof of identity ?



Diksha sangh preparations September 25, 2009

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Hi All,

Due to paucity of time, all updates hereafterwards will be posted on this blog. So let me update you on the recent happenings in the Diksha Sangh:

1)   With your good wishes, the Diksha preparations are in full swing, right now, ticketing checking is going on. The response to collect the original ID cards for the train journey has been successful by and large. We are indebted to all for the confidence reposed. This has embolden us to put in more efforts and ensure that this Diksha Yatra remains memorable!

2)   Now the verification process is almost over to weed out the double bookings etc. In case anyone wants to bring their friends / relatives to be a part of this Diksha Sangh – please do register with your photo, original ID – do come in person or send a messenger. You will be waitlisted and informed your seat availability 10 days in advance.

3)   Please see the latest photographs of the Diksharti bhai at http://www.sampatzone.com and post your comments / feedback / interaction on this blog.You could also add your personal interaction with the Dhariwal family.

4)   Chandra didi is leaving for Chattisgarh to accompany Dr. Saab and the other members of the Raipur Sangh for a fast track tour to take the blessings of all the Munis and Sadhvis. She will be back by Oct. 5th and is accompanied by Lakshay (their grandson).

5)  One note : All the IRCTC ids pwords have been changed as well as email ids in the profile. If any of the booking agents (in US, UK, elsewhere) are unable to log in pl. give me a call, and do not, repeat go into the lost password link. This has been done to avoid cancellation of the e-ticket by mistake.

6)  Reg. Ticketing / Allotment: We are getting help from lot of quarters, especially Chandraprakash Chordia (working day and night) Suryakala Ranka (full day!) Mahesh Chordia, Ramesh Chordia Mahaveer  Chordia, Lalit Lunkad, Pinky Surana, Ashok Bhandari, Samtha Chordia besides so many others, silent and unassuming, with a low profile.

7)  Reg. Food Arrangements: Narpat Choudhary – Rajinder Baid – Pratapchand Baid – Suresh Kochar – Shantilalji Taleda have been extremely proactive and full of encouragement to show us the right path ! their experience is amazing, with so much of humility, they keep saying ‘apna hi kaam hai’! I salute them with all respect for their dedication!

8) The team with Ashok Chordia has started its work in right earnest. Sanjay Surana is a great asset. The kickoff lunch at Ashoka Hotel was in the right direction, now to be followed up with a bfast meet on the coming Sunday – after all they are the food prepn. committee – so need to be strong!!

9) Vikas and Saurabh Ranka : unbelievable composure and very practical folks – have started applying their minds as to the coordination at Chennai Central.

The excitement and enthusiasm is tangible.

A big thanks to Dr. Pratibha Jain, who has been the inspiration behind the blog, especially the layout, colour scheme, text etc. She is a very committed scholar, writer, translation specialist. You can view her work at http://www.pritya.com.

God Bless!

Shanthi Chordia

The cultural event September 24, 2009

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Hello friends,

The preparations for the SANSKRITI program has started on a high note. Key contributions from the Chordias: Gulab (Mahaveer) – Sreebala (Uttam) – Dr. Pratibha (Mahendar) – Sadhana (Chandraprakash) – Kusum (Dharamchand) & myself, Renu (Shanti); also Ratan(Sumermal) Baid and Varsha Baid. The list for the cultural event is increasing every day :).

Now we also have the charming Sandhya Jain (w/o Pranav Jain & daughter-in-law of Sri Dulichand Jain) – Nirmala (Padam Baid) – Nidhi (Rajesh) Dhariwal & Master Lakshay (s/o Drs. Shweta & Varrdhaman) Dhadiwal.

Today the Jain bhangra song (wow, yeh mera India) is going to be created and composed. Gulab bhabhi, all of us are simply stunned by your linguistic potential. How come you have kept it hidden from us all these years?

I am sure we are going to have many more creative people joining in soon. For those of you reading this and feeling tempted, come and join us :).

Yours ardently,

Renu Chordia

Dr Dhariwal – an inspiring speaker September 23, 2009

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Copy of DSC02165[The Diksharthi Dr. Dhariwal at Gauhati Assam during his recent Yatra]

Dr Dhariwal is a spontaneous speaker & a born teacher. He has no inhibitions in expressing what he thinks, and being blessed with a good vocabulary and discursive thinking, he speaks easily and effectively.

He is well versed in many fields – social, political, medical, spiritual, to name a few. In a conversation with his his daughter-in-law, Dr Shweta, we came to understand that he is a true gyaani in the medical world, so vast is his knowledge.

DSC02117[Dr. Saab at the Raigang Abhinandan function held recently]

He speaks ardently at many religious forums and his voice has clarity and depth, which makes it a sheer pleasure to listen to him.

The varghoda September 19, 2009

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A ‘varghoda’ refers to a rathyatra, which is a procession where either the deity of a temple, or a spiritual aspirant who has done some immense fasting, or in this instance, Dr Dhariwal himself, is seated in a chariot. The procession then moves along the main roads of the city or town so that all the residents of the region might have the opportunity of seeing the blessed one.

DSC02231[Dr Dhariwal accepts the offering a traditional shawl – at a Varghoda in Beawar, Rajasthan]

Dr Dhariwal’s ongoing pilgrimage September 15, 2009

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For eighteen days ever since he set on this pilgrimage, Dr Dhariwal has been accompanied by his wife, the charming Chandralekhaji, their 80-year-old aunt Maggi Bai Bothra, Sangeetaji Bothra and Nirmala Dhariwal.


[All of them at the Calcutta station]

Two posts ago, we spoke about Dr Dhariwal’s final pilgrimage in his worldly life, since he is using this opportunity to visit many Jain ascetics whom he may not be able to meet once he renouunces the world (on Nov 6th).  Jain ascetics always travel by foot, and with a group. The Guru generally allots the number of ascetics who will travel together within a specified region. Therefore, once a person embraces monkhood, his travel automatically gets restricted.


[Dr Dhariwal being honoured by various sanghs]

DSC02203[Dr Dhariwal at Jaipur, giving his blessing to those prostrating at his feet]