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Dr. Dhariwal set on pilgrimage August 30, 2009

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The Jain monks travel only by foot – barefoot. Yes, this may seem incredible, but it is true.  So once a person has embraced monkhood, his travel becomes restricted since all modes of transport are given up.

Before becoming a monk on Nov 6th this year, Dr. Dhariwal wishes to seek the blessings of many senior Jain monks in various parts of India. Along with this wife Chandralekha, Dr. Dhariwal has set on this pilgrimage. He is currently at Raipur, his native place.


The nuns who are in Raipur now are HH Charitraprabhiji, HH Prabodhshriji, HH Hitaishishriji and HHRuchirashriji. After taking their blessings, Dr Dhaiwal will travel to Howrah on 31st, Royganj on 1st, Guhati on 2nd, Kanpur on 4th, Jaipur on 5th and Bikaner on 6th of September to seek the blessing of the other saints.



1. Shanti Chordia - September 18, 2009

Yesterday Dr. saab was in Mumbai after travelling from Jalgaon. He is on a rapid whirlwind tour of the entire North India. He will come back to Chennai after visiting entire state of Chattisgarh – Nagpur – Pune – Mysore – Secunderabad – scheduled to come here (chennai) Oct 16th and be in Chennai till he joins us in his last pilgrimage (in civilian attire) to go to Raipur for his Diksha Nov. 2nd

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